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Scottish mountains

27 June 2008  |  Misc

More Europe Photos- Scotland

Lochs: Mountains: Sweet road riding: Stone bridges… Waldek, a man of many talents: team manager, soigneur, barista, mechanic, winner of sprints to town-signs, comic relief, all around bad-ass (and John from Subaru/Gary-Fisher “supervising”):

Nice views from the expo area at the World Cup in Andorra

27 June 2008  |  Misc

Europe photos

Here are a few photos from the last trip. Nice views from the expo area at the World Cup in Andorra: Somehow it seems that no matter how much stuff we have, Waldek…  |  READ »

24 June 2008  |  Race Reports

2008 MTB World Championships

When Dusty and I arrived in Val-Di-Sole two days before the Team Relay, we were greeted with cool temperatures and drizzling rain. The next few days brought more of the same and the…  |  READ »

10 June 2008  |  Misc


Early Sunday morning we all left Scotland and went our separate ways: Katerina went to Czech to visit her parents, Waldek went to Poland to visit his parents, Chris met his wife in…  |  READ »

The sketchy "rope" swing

2 June 2008  |  Misc

Only The French.

Only the French would dub Indiana Jones! Come on! Katerina and I decided to go see a movie and she had mentioned that in Czech all the American movies are in English with…  |  READ »

1 June 2008  |  Misc


We woke up early this morning to pack the van and get to Toulouse early so the guys could drop us of and head to Paris. It was slow going, but after a…  |  READ »