Posts in July 2008

26 July 2008  |  Misc


I got some good hard training in on Thursday before heading up to Mt Ste Anne on Friday. The drive took 9 hours with about an hour spent waiting in line at the…  |  READ »

24 July 2008  |  Misc

Rain, Rain…Rain

It’s been pouring for the last 2 days. Not the kind of short downpours you get out west, but the long, steady all-day kind of rain that you get back east. It seems…  |  READ »

22 July 2008  |  Misc


Staying at Furlow has been a great mental rest- no cell reception, no internet. Hence, my abysmal lack of blogging or even checking my email. I have however done plenty of swimming, seen…  |  READ »

3 July 2008  |  Misc

Going to the Olympics

Well, it’s finally official: in August I will get the opportunity to represent my country at the Olympics in Beijing, China. At this point I think it hasn’t really sunk in- maybe it…  |  READ »