17 July 2009  |  Misc

US National Championshps: Pre-race

So here I am in a condo in Granby, CO waiting for the race tomorrow.  I’ve been making up for my lack of TV at home by browsing such quality programming as: “Top 25 Cougars in Hollywood,” “Pregnant at 16,” “Teen Cribs” and “Wife Swap.”  Wow, lots of crap out there, but it can be pretty entertaining…

The course is short- less than 30 minutes for a lap- and pretty straightforward- climb up, then descend down.  The descent is newly-cut singletrack, and after all the pre-riding it’s getting very chopped up- loose, rutted and full of braking bumps.  It’s going to be a tough one for sure- lots of good competition this year, and no one person is the clear favorite.  I know it’s going to be REALLY hard, but I am looking forward to it!


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