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28 February 2011  |  Recipes

Perfect Pan-Seared Duck Breast

I think the reason some people don’t like duck is that it has been improperly cooked.  Nothing like a thick layer of fat under a soggy skin to make you rethink that duck…  |  READ »

22 February 2011  |  Recipes

Duck is Delicious

Or, I guess I could say, “ducks ARE delicious.”  Either way, the one we ate tonight was especially good.  Not just because I cooked it perfectly- rendering all the fat down until the…  |  READ »

The difference between regular and decaf coffee

16 February 2011  |  Misc


In case you didn’t know where decaf came from.

16 February 2011  |  Misc


Is pretty much all I’ve been up to lately. Of course the days that it’s the warmest typically coincide with my easy days, but isn’t that always how it is? Overall though, the…  |  READ »