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12 October 2007  |  Misc

Glamour Shots

I suppose the place to start would be the Glamour Shots. Oh yes. Dusty thought it would be a good idea to have some “professional” shots of myself looking, well, glamorous. So off to the mall we went! After having a good helping of makeup airbrushed onto my face and a whole can of hairspray in my hair, I was finally ready for some time with the “photographer” (who was probably not even twenty and definitely couldn’t walk in those patent leather stilettos).

It was straight out of Napoleon Dynamite, and I admit, I probably should have asked for “some kind of vest I could wear.” I’m not sure which was better, the pose where the photographer gave me a fake rose and had me hold it close to my face, or when she had me make a fist and hold it under my chin. It was definitely a unique experience, and surely provided Dusty with some good entertainment. In any case, I now have some VERY professional and glamorous photos which I will post as soon as I get them, so that everyone will know how professional and glamorous I am.


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