19 November 2007  |  Race Reports

USGP #3 & #4

The races in Trenton went well, and it was good to get some muddy racing in before we head out to Portland for the last two USGPs. Saturday’s race was fast, but I felt strong and was riding smoothly, so I was glad I was able to take the win. On Sunday, the course had gotten pretty greasy, and I crashed a few times before I finally pulled it together. Still, I was able to get away in the second-to-last-lap and cross the line ahead of Lyne and Alison.

Overall, I’m happy with my fitness right now and I am excited for the next two USGP races. Nationals is coming up in a few weeks too and hopefully it will be a good battle.

In other news, I discovered an interesting “treat” in a Thai restaurant in Trenton: Spicy Anchovies with Peanuts. It sounded pretty weird, so I bought some and it was actually surprisingly good (Dusty is appalled as usual). It’s a mix of sweet, salty, spicy and… fish. I don’t know, but somehow it works.

Spicy anchovies with peanuts

Spicy anchovies with peanuts


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