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Posts in 2008

24 December 2008  |  Race Reports

World Cup Nommay: Race Report

After pre-riding the Nommay course, I was really looking forward to the race. The course was mostly flat with a few short steep climbs that could potentially turn into run-ups depending on how…  |  READ »

11 December 2008  |  Misc

Heading to Nationals

For those of you who haven’t checked out cxmagazine.com, you should. They have live updates during the amateur racing, and there will be live coverage of the complete men’s and women’s elite races…  |  READ »

3 December 2008  |  Misc

The Big News

No, I’m not pregnant… I’ve decided to go over to Europe for a couple of weeks around Christmas (I have 2 weeks off Culinary School). “It’s about f-in’ time,” was I think how…  |  READ »

3 December 2008  |  Food

A Note on The Deep-Fried Turkey…

Whoa, whoa, whoa- don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I cooked my first complete Thanksgiving dinner this year (with the help of Lea Davison, my trusty sous-chef). I brined the turkey overnight,…  |  READ »

3 December 2008  |  Race Reports

Ok, Ok, Ok

After trying to write a race report from the NACT finals and boring myself a lot (who really wants to read about the blow-by-blow of every single race anyway), I decided against it….  |  READ »

19 November 2008  |  Race Reports

MUDDY: USGP #3 & #4- Princeton, NJ

It was rainy and humid when I arrived in Baltimore on Thursday. Waldek, Dusty, Katerina and I stayed at Mom and Bo’s Thursday night and headed up to New Jersey the next day….  |  READ »

2008 Boulder Cup Day 2. Photo: Trent Davol

4 November 2008  |  Race Reports

Boulder Cup, Day 2: Race Report

The second day of the Boulder Cup featured a much different type of course. It was mostly grass, with a paved, uphill to the finish, some shallow sand pits and a bunch of…  |  READ »

Dusty running in the long sand section

2 November 2008  |  Race Reports

Boulder Cup, Day 1: Race Report

Like last year, the first day of the Boulder Cup was held at the Boulder Reservoir. That meant there would be plenty of sand, gravel, loose corners and goat heads. Plenty of goat…  |  READ »

SuperFan's t-shirt fund raiser

30 October 2008  |  Misc


I mentioned Superfan in my last post. He is a legend at Ohio Valley MTB races, but new to ‘cross racing. He was out at the venue for all the amateur and elite…  |  READ »

21 October 2008  |  Race Reports

Hughes Stadium ‘Cross

Sunday morning, we slept in and then headed over to Lucile’s for a good pre-race breakfast (I probably should have been a sensible bike racer and gotten the bowl of oatmeal, but when…  |  READ »

18 October 2008  |  Race Reports

Xilinx ‘Cross

Today Dusty and I headed down to Longmont for a ‘cross race at Xilinx. I decided to race with the cat 3 men as well as the women, just to get a little…  |  READ »