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13 February 2008  |  Misc

Good Hard Day

Got in a good hard ride today. I was pretty tired from the last few days, but I still felt strong, so that was good. Ben, Dusty, Waldek and I headed up Rist, then up the Poudre Canyon to Rustic, over the Boyscout Rd and down to Livermore. Got in just as it was getting dark. I wish I had taken pictures today- we were up in the mountains, and there were some fantastic views. But alas, I am not a very good ride-documenter it just seems like it’s such a production to take the camera out of my pocket, take it out of the plastic bag, take the picture, put it back in the bag, zip the bag up, put the bag back in my pocket. OK, maybe I am being a little dramatic…and a lot lazy. Seriously though, it was a beautiful ride and hard too! Definitely looking forward to an easy day tomorrow.


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