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2 March 2008  |  Misc

Back on the Trails

Since it is extremely windy and pretty cold outside today, I have had plenty of time to reflect on how awesome it was yesterday. Ben and I (and everyone else in Fort Collins, I think) decided to make the most of the nice temps and get in a huge day on the MTB. Dusty was lucky that he only has a single speed and therefore was not required to come with us for the full ride (although he did ride with us down Blue Sky to Devil’s Backbone). We rode down through Lory (West Valley trail still has some very muddy spots), down Blue Sky and Devil’s Backbone to the trailhead, over to Glade Rd., up Glade Rd. to Bobcat Ridge, did the fire rd-Ginny trail Loop, back up through Lory (East Valley was completely dry and FUN) and over Reservoir ridge. The trails were in great shape (except for those few spots in Lory), and hopefully it won’t snow enough today to make the trails sloppy. It was so nice to ride in shorts and not have to get all bundled up! However, I was reminded of the fact that I have absolutely no tan lines left and am blindingly pasty white. It’s pretty impressive.


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