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17 March 2008  |  Misc

Two Weeks

One more week at home, and two weeks until the start of the season. I’ve been getting in some good training, but there is always that voice in my head that is pretty sure that everyone else is training harder. Ah, my neuroses, where do I even begin? Seriously though, I will feel a lot better when I have that first race behind me. All this and my last race was in the middle of December (not counting the Texas state ‘cross championships in January- that was just for fun, right?). Just imagine if I hadn’t raced since September (I can tell you, it wouldn’t be pretty). But now, with the first race right around the corner, I can really focus on making this last week of “pre-season training” count! Three inches of snow last night. Seems like it’s melting pretty fast, but I’m sure the trails will be pretty muddy for a few days. Oh well. Looks like I’ll be spending some time on the ol’ road bike.


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