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20 March 2008  |  Misc

When to Say When

Some days sucking it up just isn’t worth it. Yesterday was one of those days. Our plan: a hard 4 hours. The wind had other plans for us. It was the most frustrating wind- not steady at all, but super gusty and from a couple different directions (Ben likened it to riding on a road where the grade is constantly changing underneath you). We stuck it out for about an hour and then realized that there was no way we were going to get the steady, hard, quality riding we were looking for. So we decided to bag it and try again tomorrow. It was frustrating for sure, but I think sometimes it’s best to save that mental energy for something more important…like a race. Today looks like a beautiful, dare I say WARM day. Heading out on the MTBs to get some good race-pace in on the trails.

In other news, the buffalo roast turned out really well- the secret: slow cooking at a low temp which kept it from drying out (since it doesn’t have very much fat). Here’s the recipe I used for all you looking to get some extra iron (or have an excuse to eat healthy red meat). I added some potatoes to the veggies and didn’t dilute the broth (I had a 2 lb roast). I also added mushrooms to the sauce instead of chipotle peppers (but that sounds good too…). Anyway, it was a big hit with Dusty so you know it had to taste good (he’s not one for eating things just because they are healthy and has been known to say things like “all vegetables taste the same” and “zucchinis are just old cucumbers”)


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