28 April 2008  |  Race Reports

World Cup: Offenburg, Germany

The course was in dry and in great shape, my legs felt good the day before and in the warm-up, I was feeling pretty confident on all the technical stuff, I got the hole shot…and I finished 13th. Not exactly what I was hoping for. What happened? That’s a good question.

The race started out well (if it had been a race to the first corner, I would have won) and I was in the top-3 heading into the first lap (after 2 1k start loops). Usually after the initial effort of a start, I settle into a rhythm and try to hang on as long as I can. Yesterday I only had one speed: not fast enough. I got passed by a bunch of women in the first couple laps (we did 6 laps) then I rode in 9th-10th for a few laps and then I got passed by a bunch more women in the last couple of laps. I didn’t bonk, I didn’t crash, I didnĀ“t have any major problems, I just went slow. It was pretty frustrating because I know I am capable of more, but I really tried hard, and that was all I had. Bummer.

There were a few positives- I had a great start, I hydrated and ate enough, I was riding the scary stuff no problem. Then there were the negatives- couldn’t go fast, hard to stay positive, too tired to heckle Waldek as I grabbed my bottles in the feed zone.

As disappointed as I am, I always try to remember that it’s important for me to have these kind of days too (although it would be nice if they always happened on training days instead of races…). The bad days help you to appreciate the really great days, and sometimes I need a good kick in the pants to get me good and fired-up for the next race.

Anyway, the crowds were GREAT- tons and tons of people came out for the race (the beautifully sunny and cool weather probably didn’t hurt). Also, we won the team competition for the second time (we won in Houffalize too) so that was really cool.

I got out for a nice long ride this morning to spin that bad race out of my legs, and it was really beautiful. Waldek and I climbed up into the mountains behind our hotel and came down through lots of vineyards and apple orchards. The apple trees are all in full blossom and there are tons of wildflowers out. All the other trees seem to have just leafed out and the leaves are that fake-looking lime green. I wished that I had brought my camera, but at the same time I didn’t because the pictures wouldn’t have done it justice. Tomorrow we drive with Mom and Bo to Frankfurt, spend the night there and then fly to Madrid on Wednesday.


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