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16 May 2008  |  Misc

Slacker = Me

So I’ve been a big slacker about updating the old blog. Just couldn’t really think anything I was doing warranted much commentary. It was great to be home for the last couple of weeks- the house looks very cute with flowers blooming in front instead of the ugly juniper bushes that were there when we moved in. I got a couple tomato plants (Ben has agreed to eat all the tomatoes since I am not going to be there that much) planted some fresh herbs, and pulled a bunch of weeds out of the garden- all very exciting, I know…

We got a dishwasher, so now I have really been on a cooking rampage- it’s been fun. I made a delicious tangy peanut sauce (good hot, cold, or as a salad dressing) and a really good Indian curry with fresh coconut. Even more exciting right? You know you are pretty boring ehn you gt that excited about peanut sauce.

I got some good training in while I was home, a little on the road and a little on the MTB (Bobcat ridge is so fun!), and then it was back to the races.

This weekend is the Santa Ynez NMBS race. I got here yesterday and the course is pretty similar to last year- lots of fast singletrack, rolling hills and sketchy corners. It’s a fun course, but it will be hard. It’s been pretty hot (103 when we left the venue today), but I’ve decided to embrace the heat, “I love to sweat, I love hot still air…seriously.” At least it’s scenic! The venue is located on a vineyard and the surrounding hills are dotted with gnarled scrub oaks. the hillsides are still a little bit green and there is some kind of yellow mustard-looking weed that is blooming. And lots of butterflies!
In any case, the XC is tomorrow and the short track is on Sunday.


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