29 June 2008  |  Race Reports

NMBS #4- Deer Valley Short Track Race Report

For the past three years I have had great races in the Deer Valley Short track, and I was hoping for more of the same today. I generally feel better on the second day of racing, so I was feeling optimistic at the start of the race.

After a short straightaway, the course turns up a short steep hill, and there is usually a big bottle-neck there so getting a good start is key. Not a problem- I got the hole shot and managed to open up a small gap to the rest of the field. I rode this way for 2 or 3 laps until I started to feel the effects of my effort and began to ride slower and slower. Katerina and Catharine caught up to me, and I sat in for a lap or two until they dropped me, and all I could do was watch them ride away. So sad. Oh well, sometimes you just don’t have it, and I surely did not today. I spent the rest of the race in no-man’s-land just riding around by myself, suffering.

Still, it was great to race at Deer Valley (great venue, great courses) and to be racing short track again (the World Cups only have XC races which is lame if you ask me- if we are all there, we might as well have at least a couple of days of racing, right?). Waldek got us flights out of Salt Lake this evening, so I am already home!

I am definitely ready for a few days here at home before I head back east for a month.
Maybe tomorrow I can find something interesting to take a picture of so my blog isn’t so boring.


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