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22 July 2008  |  Misc


Staying at Furlow has been a great mental rest- no cell reception, no internet. Hence, my abysmal lack of blogging or even checking my email. I have however done plenty of swimming, seen tons of bears (at one point we saw 7 at once- on either side of the driveway as we drove in to the house), and paddled Dusty’s homemade boat (it floats!) in the lake. The weather has been wonderful and the heat and humidity haven’t been too bad at all. I have also gotten out for some really awesome road rides- there are so many cool little roads back here with zero traffic on them.

Seeing so many bears has been really cool- there is one bear that has three little cubs and another that has two. The cubs are usually up in a tree and they can go up and down so fast they look like little monkeys! There are also a few smaller bears- maybe cubs from last year? In any case, there seem to be a lot of them hanging around. Sometimes we will be out on the patio behind the house and they will just walk out of the woods and graze in the field for awhile (lots of blueberries) before heading back into the woods. They aren’t super skittish, but they definitely move out when we drive up or walk out in the woods. It seems we have found a peaceful co-existence. Pretty neat stuff.


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