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24 July 2008  |  Misc

Rain, Rain…Rain

It’s been pouring for the last 2 days. Not the kind of short downpours you get out west, but the long, steady all-day kind of rain that you get back east. It seems even the bears have taken cover. Hoping for it to stop long enough for me to get out for a ride today- not that it matters if it stops because I will be riding anyway. Luckily the temperature has been pretty warm, so it’s not too bad, just WET.

Tried to ride up Balsam lake mountain with Barry and Ben yesterday and ended up doing a good bit of hiking and hiking and then some hiking. It was one of those rides where you want to keep going mostly because you don’t want to turn around and back-track. Then you realize that you have been pushing your bike for the last 10 minutes. Ben was smart and bailed early. It wasn’t too bad though, at least we got outside. Heading up to Mt. Ste. Anne tomorrow.


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