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Posts in August 2008

The local fauna

28 August 2008  |  Misc

Korea Training Camp Photos

Doing the tourist thing: Fresh sushi at the beach: sea squirts and sea cucumbers (I probably should have tried it, but didn’t) Local flora: Local fauna:

22 August 2008  |  Races

Day Before the Race

Today was the last day to pre-ride the course before the race tomorrow. The course had dried out a ton- the only part that was still somewhat sketchy was the long steep downhill….  |  READ »

21 August 2008  |  Misc

Rain, Rain, Rain

I woke up this morning to a serious downpour. It rained hard all morning, and it was supposed to rain all day, so I decided to go ahead and check out the course…  |  READ »

20 August 2008  |  Misc

Finally Here!

We arrived in Beijing yesterday evening and got to the Athlete Village with just enough time to put bikes together and go for a short spin. The village is amazing- just walking around…  |  READ »

16 August 2008  |  Misc

Jeju Island- MTB Training Camp

The past few days here on Jeju Island in South Korea have been most excellent. There are plenty of low-trafficked roads and enough miles of climbing and flats to keep us all busy….  |  READ »

13 August 2008  |  Misc

1 week at home, then Korea

After a month of being back east I had about a week at home before I headed over to Korea and then to China. Of course, the day after I got home I…  |  READ »