17 September 2008  |  Race Reports

Race Report: World Cup- Schladming, Austria

After Brian Head, I was pretty fried from racing and travel, so I took some time during the next 10 days and focused on doing things other than bike racing. Like running. I really enjoy running and had been looking forward to starting up again this fall. So I kind of ignored my bike a bit and was doing a lot of running (well, not “a lot”. because then I would be crippled and unable to walk, but “a lot for someone who hasn’t run in months” which means the first “run” was a 10min jog with some walking and the next several “runs” were under 30mins. I rode my bike a little bit, but not much. I was hoping that maybe I would come into the last World Cup refreshed and ready to kick some ass! It didn’t unfold quite like that though…

Even though many racers were predicting heavy race-day rains, they never materialized. I had a good start, and I was leading up the first road climb. When we hit the dirt, however, I kind of settled in to my own pace (a sustainable not-blowing-up pace) and everyone passed me. Then of course, half of them blew up on subsequent steep climbs, and I was stuck behind as the leaders rode off. I was feeling decent and was riding in 10th with other riders visible up ahead. At the end of the 3rd lap (of 5) my legs seized up and I had the worst cramps I’ve had all season. I was dreading the next steep climb- unsure of whether I would be able to ride or not. Luckily there was a short flat road section and I was able to spin my legs a little bit before I hit the steep stuff. 3 women passed me and I was bummed that I was totally unable to respond as they rode by.

The cramps subsided a little bit, but my legs were completely drained. I had only one speed for the rest of the race: really, really SLOW. I ended up 14th. Disappointing, but oh well- at least it was the last race. I also managed to hold on to 5th in the series overall, and even though it was because a lot of people skipped a lot of races, I’ll take it. Our team won the team competition too, so that was cool.
So now, after a few days at home I heading to California for some team stuff. I’m back on Sunday and then I leave for Vegas on Tuesday. Wednesday=the start of ‘cross season. ‘Cross vegas was a great race last year, and I am looking forward to it.


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