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1 October 2008  |  Misc

‘Cross Ride in Lory

Cross bike + Lory State Park = FUN/1 flat tire = still pretty fun.

That’s about the extant of my math these days. Had a great ride yesterday- never ridden my ‘cross bike in Lory, but Dusty did a bunch last year and always said how fun it was. I rode down over the reservoir hills and then back up through the park. I don’t know if it was the skinny tires or having more pressure in them, but I just felt fast (always nice). I did manage to jinx myself though- right at the end of the ride- less than 100m from the end of the trail- I thought, “that’s awesome, I didn’t even flat!” And then I flatted. Literally within sight of the trailhead. It was pretty awesome. The one rock water-bar on the trail and I have to smash my front wheel on it because I’m lazy. In any case, it was a fast change and I was back on my way home.


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