18 October 2008  |  Race Reports

Xilinx ‘Cross

Today Dusty and I headed down to Longmont for a ‘cross race at Xilinx. I decided to race with the cat 3 men as well as the women, just to get a little extra racing in. There were a ton of people out racing and spectating, and the course was SO FUN. It might be the most fun course I’ve ridden so far this year. Seriously. It was fast, but there were plenty of turns, off-camber spots, 3 sets of barriers and a sand pit. Pretty awesome.

I lined up at the back of the men’s field (haven’t done enough races to have any points) and spent most the race moving up through the field. I think I ended up somewhere in the top-20, but I was feeling good and was able to pick people off the whole time. The women’s race was really fun because it spread out pretty quick and you could haul ass pretty much everywhere. There were a ton of women out racing which was great to see- I’ll bet there were about 40 women in the open women/masters women race. Also, the promoters gave equal prize money to the top men and women which was awesome. Tomorrow ACA ‘cross comes to Fort Collins, which is exciting for us- ah, to be able to ride to the race!


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