3 December 2008  |  Race Reports

Ok, Ok, Ok

After trying to write a race report from the NACT finals and boring myself a lot (who really wants to read about the blow-by-blow of every single race anyway), I decided against it. Here’s a synopsis: it was very cold, Lyne Bessette came out of retirement and surprised everybody but me with the fact that she is still fast, I won both days and won a sweet professional-wrestling-style belt for winning the series. Hats off to the promoter for putting up equal prize money for the top men and women!

I took this weekend off racing, because I felt like I haven’t been riding my bike at all. I’ve just been racing on the weekends, and doing short, easy runs and rides during the week. I was also getting a little tired of traveling almost every weekend, so it was nice to just be at home. This weekend I did some good hard runs and some fun MTB rides with Ben, Lea and Dusty. A weekend off was just what I needed to get fired up for the USGP finals this weekend in Portland. Then it’s off to nationals…


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