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Posts in 2009

Cat costume

4 November 2009  |  Race Reports

More Cyclocross

After the Granogue/Wissahickon weekend, I spent a few more days at the farm before heading down to Louisville for the next two rounds of the USGP.  Louisville is always a fun race, and…  |  READ »

23 October 2009  |  Race Reports

Last Minute ‘Cross

After some good time at home (literally hardly leaving the house for several days due to arctic conditions in Fort Collins last weekend) I started to get a little antsy.  I decided at…  |  READ »

23 October 2009  |  Recipes


I love pumpkin pie.  And it seems like a waste that people only make it during the holidays.  This recipe calls for twice the amount of pumpkin that other recipes call for, and…  |  READ »

2009 Cross Vegas podium

9 October 2009  |  Race Reports

Cross Racing Begins

I did have a long drawn out blow-by-blow of my races in Vegas and Madison, but since that is already almost a month ago, it seems a little late… No matter how you…  |  READ »

21 September 2009  |  Race Reports

When your body says “No”

It’s been a tough past few weeks. Here’s a quick run-down: I was really excited about the race at Worlds, so it was pretty disappointing to feel as bad as I did on…  |  READ »

3 September 2009  |  Misc

I’m back!

Had to take a little break from the blogging- just got tired of talking about my races, and talking about cycling in general. I did get a nice break from the season in…  |  READ »

Soapstone Prairie

18 July 2009  |  Misc

Soapstone Prairie = FUN

Dusty and I headed up to check out the new Soapstone Prairie Natural Area the other day.  It’s about 20 miles north of town and has around 50 miles of trails for hiking and…  |  READ »

17 July 2009  |  Misc

US National Championshps: Pre-race

So here I am in a condo in Granby, CO waiting for the race tomorrow.  I’ve been making up for my lack of TV at home by browsing such quality programming as: “Top…  |  READ »

Dusty on the track

14 July 2009  |  Misc

What Dusty has been up to

Since he is even worse than I am about updating his blog.  When he’s not working or eating breakfast at Lucile’s (his favorite breakfast spot), Dusty has been spending his time at the…  |  READ »

10 July 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race: Days 3-7

BC Bike Race Day 3 So after getting stuck behind some slower folks in the singletrack on Day 2, Ryan told me “you need to start faster.”  Then he listed off all the…  |  READ »

2009 BC Bike race

10 July 2009  |  Misc

BC Bike Race photos

Since I am terrible about remembering to take and post photos, I will take advantage of Katerina.  You can see her photos of the trip on the Luna Website. Waldek took this one of…  |  READ »

29 June 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race: Day 2

Whew! I’m already exhausted and it’s only Day 2… Today’s stage was pretty long ~70k, and a lot of it was singletrack. Tough singletrack too, the kind where you are constantly going over…  |  READ »

28 June 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race Day 1

Day 1 of BC Bike Race is in the books. It was pretty cool racing with a teammate (especially a really fast one…). I started things off right by not warming up enough…  |  READ »