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23 January 2009  |  Q&A


I don’t have anything too exciting to report (I will post some more photos from school soon…) so I’ll take some time to answer a question I recently received in an email from Joe Mason:

“Last night, when my wife, who races road bikes, and I were watching the Tour Down Under podium girls kiss the winner of the stage, she wondered if they have hunky podium guys for women’s pro races. I thought it was a fair question and I haven’t seen a women’s pro road race podium in person. Are there hot podium guys in cute outfits for the women?”

I can only speak from my experience in ‘cross and MTB racing, but to answer your question, no, no hunky podium guys. Wait, I take that back, a few years ago at CX nationals Chris Horner was our podium guy. And one time my little brother (11 years old) was our podium guy. But that’s about it. At the Cyclocross World Cup in Nommay, France they had podium girls for the elite women’s podium, so at least we got to kiss somebody. A lot of times we just get the race promoter or an official up there. I’ve given Bruce Fina (of the USGP races) some sugar on more than one occasion…

So I hope that answers your question. And if you can round up some hunky guys for any races next year, I’m in.

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