24 March 2009  |  Race Reports

Continental Championships: Santiago, Chile

I got smoked!

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

The race started pretty fast, and a couple South American women attacked on the first climb- I wasn’t too worried because we were racing 5 laps plus a start loop and I was pretty sure it was going to be a long, hot race.  Anyway, Mary went to the front shortly after that, and she led for the rest of the start loop.  I passed her on the first climb, then Catharine passed me just before the trail got steep.  I was right behind her at the top of the climb, but I was hurting.  In fact, for the first 2.5 laps I had the boo-boo lip.  My legs hurt, it felt like they weren’t clearing out, I was hot, and I felt slow on the steep climbs.  Poor me.

Catharine got a gap on the first lap and I didn’t really see her after that.  Too busy feeling sorry for myself- I don’t know if was the heat or what.  I took some ice on the 3rd lap and stuck it in my bra- that seemed to help a little bit, and I started to feel a little better.I was riding the downhills better every lap (except the last downhill which I (like a good portion of the Pro men’s field) was choosing to run down.  Or stumble down.)  Not a very eventful race- pretty much rode by myself the whole time.  So I ended up 2nd, 5 mins back.  Then another 3 mins back to Heather who finished 3rd.  Not my best race ever, but not my worst either.  And I didn’t break any bones or need any stiches- always a good thing.  I know my fitness is good right now, so I’m not too worrried and I’m looking forward to racing again this weekend in Fontana.

After a bunch more traveling I am finally here- in Napa Valley for our Team Camp and Photo Shoot.  It’s beautiful and green and nice and cool.  We got our new team kits- they are a little different this year- they have a bunch of white on them (which will be awesome come ‘cross season.  Luckily not much white on the shorts….)  Bikes look the same as last year- except shiny and new.  Pictures soon, I swear.


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