29 April 2009  |  Race Reports

Houffalize, Belgium Pre-race

It’s been typical Belgium weather here in Houffalize, in fact it is raining right now as I type this.  I managed to get my ride in early, before the rain started- so that was a stroke of good fortune.  I got out for a partial lap of the course (due to some descents being fenced off and some missing course markings). The course has changed a bit from the past couple of years- they’ve added a new, technical climb (or run-up, as I like to call it…) and some muddy flats.  Altogether the course is a little longer than it was last year, but mostly the same.

The added climb is very steep and has some un-rideable sections (for me at least, even today- in good conditions with fresh legs).  I’m sure there are some guys who will ride it, but I’ll pack my running legs just in case.
I’ve got an easy day tomorrow, and I’ve heard there are some go-karts nearby…


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