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11 April 2009  |  Misc

The Tongue

Thanks Tim Carpenter for these photos from the start at Fontana.  The focus. The determination.  The tongue?

What's with the tongue?

What's with the tongue?

Not much else going on- just training and trying to get ready for Sea Otter and the next set of World Cup races.  I’ve been cooking a lot and trying some new recipes.

Since I am somewhat prone to impulse buys at the grocery store, I have re-discovered the deliciousness of plantains and am ready to cook my first cornish game hen (actually just a fancy name for a young chicken, but I’ll pretend it’s some kind of a delicacy).  Impulse buying can be great for discovering new foods.  “Hmmm…  I bought this kohlrabi, now what the heck am I going to DO with it?”

Anyway, back to plantains.
Plantains make a great snack or side dish.  The taste/texture is kind of a combination of a banana and a potato- although that description doesn’t really do it justice.  I haven’t yet experimented with cooking the fully green ones (I think they are usually boiled), but this works well with yellow (a little sweet) or black (very ripe and sweet) plantains:

Just slice (I slice at an angle so the pieces are a little longer), toss in a bowl with a little oil and salt and saute until golden and a little brown on both sides. Then try not to eat them all at once.


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