26 April 2009  |  Race Reports

World Cup Offenburg: Race Report

Well, I finished one place  better than last year (always have to find something positive…).

I was the last person called up on the 4th row, and the only spot left was smack-dab in the middle.  In retrospect, I should have just lined up on the outside on the 5th row, but I didn’t. (Not that that’s an excuse- Ren won the race after starting on the 5th row, but she had the good sense to line up on the outside.)

Anyway, The gun went off and there was an immediate blockage right in front of me.  Had to come to almost a complete stop before I had even gotten up to speed.  The next few corners were crazy and all the women around me were going bazooka (this is a term that Waldek uses a lot, and I love it.  I don’t even need to explain because you immediately know what I am talking about) so I was riding defensively, trying not to get taken out in the first minute of the race.
Waldek said when I came through after the 3 minute start loop

I was in 58th.  Yes, it was sad.  Much of the course is singletrack, and for the first few laps I was just trying to pick off as many people as I could.  Definitely have to time your passes well, because those euros will stuff you in the bushes if you let them.

I was riding well, but it’s definitely easier when you have all those fast women there to push you.  I ended up a disappointing 12th place, but hopefully that will be the kick in the pants I need to smoke it at Houffalize.  Now I am 32nd in the World Cup overall, so hopefully called up on the 3rd row instead of the 4th row.  Hopefully.

We head to Houffalize tomorrow, which is good because I haven’t had a good waffle since ‘cross worlds…


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