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17 May 2009  |  Gardening


Well, spring is in full swing and most of my daffodils and tulips have come and gone.  The flax and the small lilac in our front yard are blooming now and everything looks nice.  New sprouts are popping up in the garden every day (turnips and kohlrabi in photos below), and I have expanded my couple of berry bushes into more of a berry patch- I’ve added another raspberry, some black raspberries and some strawberries.  The grape vine has a ton of new growth on it, and I am hoping we get some grapes this year- we didn’t last year and I was pretty disappointed.

It remains to be seen if I can keep the squirrels from demolishing everything.  Several squirrels have grown fat from feasting on our compost pile all winter, and they aren’t scared of us at all.  Dusty keeps threatening to buy a BB gun.  Hopefully they will stick to the compost.

Dusty bought some more roses to add to his collection.  He aspires to grow “prize winning” roses, but I don’t think you can buy those at Home Depot.

The weather has been fantastic, wildflowers are blooming and the trails are all in great shape, so training has been pretty fun lately.




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