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3 September 2009  |  Misc

I’m back!

Had to take a little break from the blogging- just got tired of talking about my races, and talking about cycling in general. I did get a nice break from the season in August, when I got to hang out with my family in the Catskills (NY) in between the east coast races.

So now here I am in Australia getting ready for the biggest race of the year.  The World Championships are tomorrow, and I am pretty excited about it.  The course it the best World Cup/ World Championship course I’ve ever ridden. It is challenging- physically and technically- but it is also really FUN.  There are a ton of places on the course where there are 2 lines- usually one is harder (a jump over a ditch, a big drop), but sometimes it’s hard to tell which line is faster (although when I rode with Waldek, whichever line he took was faster- even if it was the go-around!  I admit it, I’m a slow-poke…).  There is a lot of singletrack which makes the start crucial as passing will be tough until the course opens up again about halfway through the lap.
I’ve been here almost a week and have had a little time to explore the park near our hotel where I’ve seen kangaroos, jackrabbits that are almost the size of kangaroos, cockatoos, and a few different kinds of really colorful parrots.  Lots of different kinds of birds here.

We are also staying near a shopping center that has a great selection of asian restaurants- so we’ve kept Waldek happy with a diet of Thai food and coffee.  So that about sums it up so far.

Until tomorrow…


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