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21 February 2010  |  Misc

Back in the saddle

Actually not really, since we’ve gotten nearly a foot of snow in the last 2 days.  I don’t know where to start since I’ve abandoned this blog for nearly 4 months, so here’s the quick version of what I’ve been doing since November. (I would write it all out with detailed accounts of all the goings-on, but I would get bored very quickly and so would you.  So you get bullet points.)

-burned out, mentally and physically
-wasn’t able to get quality training in
-made the tough decision to cut ‘cross season short and take some serious time off

-got some blood work done, and found out I had mono sometime in the late summer/fall
-spent christmas and new year’s back east with family

-back out to colorado

-went on vacation to Mexico (our “honeymoon” that we never took)
-came home fully rested and ready to start training for 2010 season
-and here I am updating my blog while it continues to snow outside


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