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15 March 2010  |  Food

Verjus: try it, you’ll like it!

I first came across verjus (ver-joo) in cooking school, and I was immediately sold on its tangy goodness.  I have since tracked it down and bought some of my very own with the help of the internet (it’s actually not difficult at all to find…).  Verjus is the juice of unripe grapes.  It is not alcoholic, and it’s a great alternative to vinegar, wine or lemon juice in sauces, dressings or simply to de-glaze a pan.  I really like the tangy flavor (kind of like a less-sweet, more tangy but not bitter grape juice).  It’s a little bit more subtle than vinegar or wine- less overpowering.  It comes in white and red, each with its own distinct flavor.  Anyway, it costs about $10 a bottle, and I think some well-stocked wine stores might carry it (although I couldn’t find any in our local place, so I just bought some online).


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