8 September 2010  |  Misc

Ups and Downs

Back home in Fort Collins after a month on the east coast.  Laundry in the machine, car is unpacked, and though there are probably a million ways I could keep procrastinating…

I had a great block of training heading into the World Cup Finals; I was feeling good, and I was confident that a win was possible.  Unfortunately, on race day I didn’t have what it took, but I had a solid race and ended up third (the race was actually pretty boring- I rode around by myself in 3rd the whole race).  My 3rd place at Windham also helped me secure 4th overall in the World Cup series.

It was a real treat to race at a World Cup in the US, and it was even more of a treat to have so many family members there cheering me on- I only wish I could have pulled off the win!
Many thanks to the organizers and the hundreds of volunteers at Windham for putting together a well-run professional event.  And thanks to all the spectators who came out to watch.

So after my result at Windham, I knew that a medal at Worlds was possible.  I stayed in New York a few days after the race, and Dusty and I drove up to Mont-Ste-Anne on Tuesday evening.

I woke up Wednesday and felt really weird.  I wasn’t very hungry, but I ate some cereal and headed out to do a few laps of the course.  I felt terrible riding- my skin was prickly, I felt like I was overheating and my legs felt like two blocks of wood.  I cut my pre-ride short, headed back to the hotel and slept from 11-5pm.  I woke up, got a massage, then took another “nap” from 6-9pm, got up for a bit and then slept from 10pm-8am.  Thursday morning I wasn’t hungry or thirsty, and I was still tired- I knew something was wrong (I NEVER lose my appetite…).  I stayed off the course and just tried to rest, hoping I would feel better the next day.  The next morning (Friday) I still wasn’t hungry, but my stomach wasn’t hurting so I was able to eat some cereal.  I headed over to ride one lap of the course.  I felt terrible.  My stomach was achy and sore, and I went to see the National Team Doctor.  After hearing my story and poking my belly he said it sounded like a stomach virus and there wasn’t much to do but try to eat and drink.  “You could be totally fine by tomorrow,” he said.  I hoped so.

Saturday morning I warmed up on the trainer, but I could already tell that it wasn’t going to be good.  I mostly felt dread at the thought of racing or even just riding around the course.
But it’s the flipping WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS- I was determined to start and just make the best of it.  Who knows- maybe I would feel great once I got going.  Or maybe not… It started out pretty bad and only got worse.  I had nothing.  I rode around just fast enough to not get lapped (although getting lapped started sounding like a great idea).  Sucking really sucks.  The last time through the feed zone it was completely empty- except for Zak, waiting with my last bottle (thanks buddy!) it was a sad, sad sight that empty feed zone.  I was so disappointed to have the last race of the season end like that, but I guess those are the races that make you tougher.

Overall, I am really pleased with my season- I think it was my best season yet, and I am hoping to build on that for next year.  For now though, I’ve got a whole ‘cross season ahead of me…


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