7 October 2010  |  Race Reports

USGP Madison, WI

So after spending a few days at the bike show, Waldek, Amy and I flew to Madison for the first 2 USGP races.  Day 1 the start was really fast, and while it might have LOOKED like I got stronger throughout the race, in actuality I think I was riding the same pace the whole time, but other people were slowing down.  In any case, after working my way from 7th or 8th into 2nd I rode around by myself about 15 seconds behind Katie for the rest of the race.  Not terribly exciting.

Day 2 I tried to get a better start and was pleased to find that my legs were feeling a little better (ie not feeling like two blocks of wood).  I rode around with Sue and Katie on my wheel for a few laps, then Katie attacked and opened a gap.  I didn’t really have the punch to close it down, so again, I rode around by myself for the rest of the race.  Still good enough for 2nd, another solid day.

After the race it was off to the airport where Waldek and I caught the 7pm flight back to Denver and were back home by 10pm.  Not too shabby for an in-and-out travel weekend.


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