11 January 2011  |  Races

Cyclocross National Championships

That race was soooo 2010. Nationals went pretty well — I had a great start and led the race for most of the first lap, then rode with Katie for the next lap. Then got dropped and rode around by myself for the rest of the race.  The course was tough- there were a few mud pits that were pretty leg sapping (I honestly thought I might be faster if I got off and WALKED my bike through them). I ended up finishing second- something I have gotten pretty good at.

The crowd in Bend was awesome! Photo: Colin Meagher

The crowd in Bend was awesome! Photo: Colin Meagher

Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered- the crowds were awesome, and I really wanted to win that race, but sometimes really wanting something just isn’t enough.  There’s always next year I guess.  Madison in January… brrrrr.

No world championships for me this year — I’ll have a little time off and then start gearing up for the 2011 MTB season.


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