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10 June 2011  |  Food, Recipes

Kumquat Marmalade

I’ve recently discovered kumquats. Scratch that, I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE kumquats. If you’ve never eaten one (and they don’t really seem edible when you see them on the shelf in the store), they are kind of like inside-out oranges: the peel is sweet, and the fruit is sour.  But eaten together they combine to produce a bright, citrusy flavor that is delicious and unique.  I was curious about combining it with other foods.

First try was roasted asparagus with olive oil, sliced kumquats, and thyme (combine and roast) was pretty good, but I kind of blew it by cooking it in cast iron (acid of any kind imparts an off-flavor when you cook with cast iron, so try to use stainless steel or something else).  I will try it again and see if that helps.

My next attempt was a kumquat marmalade.  Here is a super simple kumquat marmalade that is delicious on fish (we had halibut) but would also be extremely tasty on toast or an english muffin.

Kumquat Marmalade

pint of kumquats

juice of one lime

sugar/sweetener to taste


-cut the kumquats in half and pick out any seeds (you can probably leave them in if you are lazy-there aren’t that many

-put kumquats and lime juice in food processor or blender and puree (you can also probably just chop the kumquats if you don’t mind your marmalade being a little chunkier)

-taste, adjust sweetness

-cook over medium heat until it thickens a bit and viola! Enjoy!


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