30 November 2012  |  Race Reports

USGP #5 & #6: Louisville, KY Race Report or What’s Up With The Rubber Chicken?

So the fact that I haven’t done a race report from Louisville has been hanging over me since…well…Louisville. In fact, I really can’t bring myself to actually write an entire race report (long story short- I finished 3rd both days behind Katie and Katerina). So this one will be more like a picture book!

Saturday: My friend Jessica  is raising money for prostate cancer by selling cupcakes and mustache stickers (for your bike). I offer to wear one in the race.

Why should men be only ones allowed to look ridiculous in November?


Very focused.

Losing the mustache on the last lap= not pro.



Sunday: Some guy tells me he’ll give me $5 if I take his rubber chicken for a hot lap and $20 if I carry it the whole race. I wasn’t planning on taking him up on it, but during the race I saw the chicken, and I just couldn’t help myself.

A chicken AND a dollar (I didn’t manage to hang on to either one…)

“Helen! Wait up! I’ve got something for you…”

I was planning on giving the chicken back after a lap: doing a “chicken hand-down,” but when I got there he had another chicken!

Going for #2

Got it!

Unfortunately, I could not handle 2 chickens (weak, I know). I had to ditch them before the sand pit. In retrospect, I should have kept them. I probably would have won.

Channeling the power of the unicorn. Post-chicken.


Thanks Louisville for making it fun!


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