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Carrot Muffins with Lime-Mascarpone Frosting


Fruit and Seed Bars

25 February 2012  |  Food, Recipes

The Best Homemade Energy Bars

The racing season is almost upon us, and many of us are already busy training. Obviously, everyone’s first choice for training and race fuel is Clif Bar products, but what if you can’t…  |  READ »


10 June 2011  |  Food, Recipes

Kumquat Marmalade

I’ve recently discovered kumquats. Scratch that, I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE kumquats. If you’ve never eaten one (and they don’t really seem edible when you see them on the shelf in the…  |  READ »


28 October 2010  |  Food

The Tim Faia Ginger-Saving Strategy

Thanks to Tim and Shaubie Faia for letting me in on a little tip: if you find yourself buying fresh ginger only to use a little bit and have the rest shrivel up…  |  READ »

Fresh veggies

20 July 2010  |  Food

Fresh veggies

Lots more stuff from the garden: beets and beet greens, carrots, new potatoes and yellow beans.

Microplane zester

19 June 2010  |  Food

Microplane Zester

One of the handiest gadgets I own.  I use this sucker all the time to zest citrus fruits and to grate fresh ginger (WAY faster than mincing!).  You can use it to grate…  |  READ »

Fresh rolls with peanut sauce

13 May 2010  |  Food, Recipes

Thai Food

Most of the time I’m cooking for 2, but there is only so much food that 2 people can eat, so I rarely get the opportunity to plan and create a real feast. …  |  READ »


15 March 2010  |  Food

Verjus: try it, you’ll like it!

I first came across verjus (ver-joo) in cooking school, and I was immediately sold on its tangy goodness.  I have since tracked it down and bought some of my very own with the…  |  READ »

Salt and pepper bread

15 March 2010  |  Food

Some Recent Testing

Recipe testing, of course. Salt and pepper bread.  Ok, it sounds a little weird, but it was tasty.  I just put cracked black pepper inside and some fancy flaky sea salt on top-…  |  READ »


6 March 2010  |  Food

From the kitchen

Anadama bread.  Delicious, with hints of molasses and corn bread.  Very simple modification of the no-knead bread recipe. Cream puffs, pre-filling Cream puffs again. And a not-so flattering picture of the finished product….  |  READ »

Roasted trout with blue spruce needles, pine nuts and juniper

27 February 2009  |  Food

Pretty Pictures

Here are some more pictures from school- as promised a long, long time ago…. Blood orange granita in a tuile cookie bowl: Calamari stuffed with bacon and roasted red peppers: Pan-seared snapper with…  |  READ »

Pork tenderloin with pear chutney, rice pilaf and vegetables

10 January 2009  |  Food


Here are some more photos from school Gravlax with potato pancake and mixed greens: Pan-seared Striped Bass with lemon beurre blanc, sauteed spinach and rice pilaf: Scallops with Cider Mornay sauce, Duchesse potatoes…  |  READ »

Dinner spread

9 January 2009  |  Food


Some photos from Culinary School: The spread. Our “dinner” during pastry week: Cream Puffs: Fruit Tarts: Poached pear with vanilla sauce: