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7 October 2010  |  Links

The Onion

By far one of the most entertaining websites out there.  Always good for a laugh. Check it out here.

16 September 2010  |  Links

Remember the BP oil spill?

The guys at went to Louisiana to take a closer look at the spill and it’s effect on locals (human and non-human).  A depressing and very interesting snapshot of the disaster.  Click here…  |  READ »

10 March 2010  |  Links

Ever think of vacationing in North Korea?

Ok, neither had I.  Luckily, the guys from went for us.  Check out this video that documents their guided “tour.”  It is only the first part but the other two parts are on…  |  READ »

1 April 2009  |  Links

Cross in Olympics

Check this out: sounds like my kind of race…


3 October 2008  |  Food, Links

Pick Your Own Raspberries

Picked 3.5 pounds of delicious raspberries the other day- for $10! For those of you locals who don’t know about the Whipple-Mueller Small Fruit Farm (on vine between Shields and Taft Hill- call…  |  READ »

30 September 2008  |  Links

Good Documentary

Dusty and I watched an awesome (and scary) documentary last night called “Hacking Democracy.” It’s about the problems with electronic voting machines. Apparently the companies that make them are very secretive, so NO…  |  READ »

8 March 2008  |  Links


I recently received an email from Netflix asking me to take part in a survey on technology. After the survey I felt like a caveman- apparently I need to be more concerned with…  |  READ »