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Posts filed under “Misc”

23 May 2008  |  Misc

Healing Up

I decided to bag racing at Angel Fire this weekend- I’m still not totally back to normal and a five hour drive and racing at 9000 feet probably isn’t going to help me…  |  READ »

19 May 2008  |  Misc

Thank You

I want to thank everyone for their concern (and the flowers)- I really appreciate all the good thoughts! I also really want to thank Monique Sawicki and Heather Ranoa for stopping to help…  |  READ »

16 May 2008  |  Misc

Slacker = Me

So I’ve been a big slacker about updating the old blog. Just couldn’t really think anything I was doing warranted much commentary. It was great to be home for the last couple of…  |  READ »

1 May 2008  |  Misc


We arrived in Madrid yesterday with just enough time to get out for a little spin. Our hotel was in an industrial area close to the airport, but after poking around a bit…  |  READ »

26 April 2008  |  Misc


I have to say it was pretty nice to wake up to sunshine this morning. It was nice and cool when I rode over to the course to get a few hard laps…  |  READ »

25 April 2008  |  Misc


We arrived in Offenburg yesterday with plenty of time to get in a post-drive spin. The weather has been nice and cool, though we did get some rain last night that turned the…  |  READ »

11 April 2008  |  Misc


Ben and I got to Fruita today and rode the TT course. It’s really fun with a little bit of everything- singletrack, fire-road, woops, some rocky sections, climbing and descending (did I get…  |  READ »

9 April 2008  |  Misc

Back Home

How nice is it to be home? Very nice. Sleeping in your own bed is the best thing ever, especially after living in hotels for 2 weeks. Dusty and I both got home…  |  READ »

2 April 2008  |  Misc

I Don’t Want a Safeway Card

If there is one thing I really can’t stand, it’s getting the hard sell for membership cards. Barnes and Noble is the worst, although the guy at Safeway last night was a close…  |  READ »

Fountain Hills, AZ

1 April 2008  |  Misc

Fountain Hills

We arrived in Fountain Hills, AZ yesterday with just enough daylight for a quick spin. It was the perfect temperature out- not too hot, not too cold. We are staying in a hotel…  |  READ »

Some of the LUNA ladies

28 March 2008  |  Misc

LUNA Team Camp ’08

Luna Team Camp ’08 wrapped up yesterday. As in years past, our team camp was in Mill Valley in Marin County, and it was absolutely beautiful! My crappy pictures really don’t do it…  |  READ »

23 March 2008  |  Misc

Trail Riding

Awesome ride today- rode down through Lory, over to Bobcat, did the Ginny trail loop and rode back up through Lory. Ginny was in GREAT shape, nice and tacky. Not too many folks…  |  READ »

20 March 2008  |  Misc

When to Say When

Some days sucking it up just isn’t worth it. Yesterday was one of those days. Our plan: a hard 4 hours. The wind had other plans for us. It was the most frustrating…  |  READ »

17 March 2008  |  Misc

Two Weeks

One more week at home, and two weeks until the start of the season. I’ve been getting in some good training, but there is always that voice in my head that is pretty…  |  READ »

9 March 2008  |  Misc

Bo’s Pictures

I am so bad at taking and posting pictures. Bo however, is great at taking pictures. Check out some photos he took when he and Mom came to visit me in Ghana. (I…  |  READ »