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Lots of spectators were hanging out around this technical section


Having fun while suffering    Photo: Dave McElwaine


sea otter run

21 April 2011  |  Race Reports

Sea Otter Classic XC Race Report

And here I sit: on an airplane, barely 2 hours in to my 24-hour-plus trip to South Africa for the first Wolrd Cup.  Since the crossword puzzle in my “Hemispheres” magazine is already…  |  READ »

sea otter short track

Pro XCT #1 Bonelli podium

21 March 2011  |  Race Reports

Pro XCT #1- Bonelli: Race Report

Still a little hard to believe that the season is already here!  So much for my new year’s resolution of updating my blog more frequently… Dusty and I arrived in California the day…  |  READ »

2010 USGP series podium: Meredith Miller (2nd), Me (1st), Katerina Nash (3rd). Photo: Colin Meagher

16 December 2010  |  Race Reports

USGP Finals: Portland

In keeping with my recent tradition of posting race reports several weeks after the races and LONG after everyone has ceased caring… here is my official race report from Portland: Everyone always expects…  |  READ »

20 November 2010  |  Race Reports

USGP Fort Collins

I think it is safe to say that the New Belgium Cup was a huge success!  Thanks to the USGP, local organizers, all the volunteers, and all the racers and spectators who showed…  |  READ »

Running away with the win at the 2010 Boulder Cup. Photo: Tim Gasperak

2 November 2010  |  Race Reports

Boulder Cup Cyclocross

Here’s the down-and-dirty… Saturday’s race (the Colorado Cross Classic) was held out at the Boulder reservoir which meant one thing: sand.  This year the sand was mostly ride-able- with the exception of one…  |  READ »

28 October 2010  |  Race Reports

USGP Louisville, KY

I always look forward to racing in Louisville: the enthusiasm of the cycling community is contagious, and each year the crowds get better and better (still, I do miss Superfan…).  I did, however,…  |  READ »