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7 October 2010  |  Race Reports

USGP Madison, WI

So after spending a few days at the bike show, Waldek, Amy and I flew to Madison for the first 2 USGP races.  Day 1 the start was really fast, and while it…  |  READ »

20 July 2010  |  Race Reports

Pro XCT Finals, Colorado Springs

Once again, a much-delayed race report… The Pro XCT finals was a UCI stage race which meant it had a slightly different format than the usual XC and short track.  There were 3…  |  READ »

Mt. Morris Motel

No-bake apple tart

11 June 2010  |  Race Reports

Teva Mountain Games: Race Report

Last weekend Dusty and I headed up to Vail for the Teva Mountain Games.  The course was tough- lots of climbing and freshly-cut singletrack downhills made for not much recovery.  Nothing like racing…  |  READ »

3 June 2010  |  Race Reports

US Pro XCT #3 Race Report

As I anticipated, race day was HOT.  I decided to forgo my usual warm-up on the trainer and headed out for an easy lap of the course instead.  Unfortunately, I took a wrong…  |  READ »

Finishing 2nd at the 2010 Offenburg World Cup

26 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cup #3: Offenburg, Germany

Before getting into the race report I need to write a little bit about the hotel we stayed in in Ortenburg (about 10k from the venue).  It was called Edy’s Hotel-Restaurant im Glattfelder (KinzigtalstraBe…  |  READ »

13 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cups #1 and #2

Once again, I am falling behind in my race reporting.  So now, since I really want to write about the delicious Thai food I cooked last night, I am forcing myself to catch…  |  READ »

5 May 2010  |  Race Reports

Sea Otter Smells like Maple Syrup

Seriously, something on the course smells like maple syrup.  It must be some kind of plant because there isn’t an IHOP for miles…. I always like racing at Sea Otter- despite all the craziness. The…  |  READ »

5 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cup #1: Sprint Eliminator

After Katerina and I got picked up from the Manchester airport, we had a 2 hour drive to Dalby Forest- the location of the first World Cup of the season.  We arrived, met up…  |  READ »

31 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana Short Track Race Report

I’m trying to be diligent about the race reports, but now that it’s been 3 days, I’m not sure I can remember what happened in the race… After a short warm-up, I rolled…  |  READ »

27 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana XC Race Report

For those that don’t feel like wasting their time reading this whole post, here is the synopsis: “a good shock to the system.” This is the first year I’ve taken so much time…  |  READ »

Cat costume

4 November 2009  |  Race Reports

More Cyclocross

After the Granogue/Wissahickon weekend, I spent a few more days at the farm before heading down to Louisville for the next two rounds of the USGP.  Louisville is always a fun race, and…  |  READ »