Snowy Lyons Cross

10 December 2007  |  Race Reports

Lyons ‘Cross

Yesterday we headed down to Lyons for the Colorado State Championships. We had gotten about 4 inches of snow in the last few days, so that promised to make things interesting. The high…  |  READ »

8 December 2007  |  Misc

Checklists? Check!

So I just read an article in this week’s New Yorker that really blew me away. It was about Peter Pronovost, an ER doctor who realized that there were hundreds of steps doctors…  |  READ »

Sunday's podium: Katerina, me and Katie

7 December 2007  |  Race Reports

Portland USGP #5 & #6

The last two races in the USGP series were held in Portland, and I was looking forward to some good sloppy racing. The forecast was for rain, cold temps and wind, and the…  |  READ »

Spicy anchovies with peanuts

19 November 2007  |  Race Reports

USGP #3 & #4

The races in Trenton went well, and it was good to get some muddy racing in before we head out to Portland for the last two USGPs. Saturday’s race was fast, but I…  |  READ »

Beacon Cross

Bobcat ridge

9 November 2007  |  Misc

Bobcat Ridge

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our ride at Bobcat Ridge. The downhill on Ginny’s trail was super fun. Afterwards, I went for a run and Dusty did some plowing….

Racing at the Boulder Reservoir

6 November 2007  |  Misc


i’m old. went to see a concert the other night- del tha funkee homosapien LIVE! in fort collins. i was very excited. the show was supposed to start at 8 so i was…  |  READ »

My cheering section

29 October 2007  |  Race Reports

USGP #1, #2

Last weekend the USGP Cyclocross series kicked off in Louisville, Kentucky. Cyclocross in Louisville? It seemed like a random place to have a ‘cross race, so I was curious to see how the…  |  READ »

Coach Ben & his pack

22 October 2007  |  Races

Snow, Mud, Cyclocross

Well, yesterday’s race was a good one. It was snowy, wet, cold and muddy: perfect weather for cyclocross racing. The course was super fun with a good mix of twisty singletrack, off camber…  |  READ »

Racing on grass

16 October 2007  |  Races

‘Cross racing and picking out pumpkins

Good racing today down in Broomfield. I raced with the Open Men and got a thorough beating. I felt pretty good, nothing special, but I was riding with people the whole time, so…  |  READ »

12 October 2007  |  Misc

Glamour Shots

I suppose the place to start would be the Glamour Shots. Oh yes. Dusty thought it would be a good idea to have some “professional” shots of myself looking, well, glamorous. So off…  |  READ »