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Photo: Dejan Smaic

26 September 2011  |  Race Reports

USGP #1 & #2: Madison Race Report

After experiencing the awesomeness that is ‘cross vegas, I was excited for the first USGP races- it seems like every year the USGP gets bigger and better.  This year was no different.  We…  |  READ »

21 September 2011  |  Race Reports

‘Cross Vegas- Race Report

Ahh ‘Cross Vegas. It’s one of the biggest and best races on the U.S. ‘cross calendar. It also happens to come right at the end of mountain bike season, and somehow I have…  |  READ »

18 August 2011  |  Misc

World Cup #6: Nove Mesto Race Report

Sucky races are always hard to write about.  I guess because I am usually pretty ready to move on and not rehash all the suck.  But, since some of you are curious about…  |  READ »

I could get used to this...

5 August 2011  |  Travel


Now that I’ve had a few days to decompress, do some laundry, organize all my crap (when I was leaving England, I pretty much just stuffed everything into my bag) and get in…  |  READ »

Photo: Robin Wilmott


30 July 2011  |  Misc

Olympic Test Event: London, Pre-Race

It’s hard to believe the last few weeks of the Mountain Bike season are here already.  It has been a long season in some ways, but there are are few big races still…  |  READ »

22 July 2011  |  Misc


The “Findings” page in Harper’s Magazine is always full of interesting information.  Thought I’d share some of my favorite tidbits from the most recent issue. -Spiders have more legs than they need -Taranchulas…  |  READ »

11 July 2011  |  Misc

World Cup #5: Windham Race Report

Finally!  A clean race at a World Cup. I was pretty fired up after Mont Ste. Anne and was ready to throw down in Windham.  My pre-rides all went well, I was feeling…  |  READ »

Lots of spectators were hanging out around this technical section