10 June 2011  |  Food, Recipes

Kumquat Marmalade

I’ve recently discovered kumquats. Scratch that, I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE kumquats. If you’ve never eaten one (and they don’t really seem edible when you see them on the shelf in the…  |  READ »



Having fun while suffering    Photo: Dave McElwaine


sea otter run

21 April 2011  |  Race Reports

Sea Otter Classic XC Race Report

And here I sit: on an airplane, barely 2 hours in to my 24-hour-plus trip to South Africa for the first Wolrd Cup.  Since the crossword puzzle in my “Hemispheres” magazine is already…  |  READ »

sea otter short track

Pro XCT #1 Bonelli podium

21 March 2011  |  Race Reports

Pro XCT #1- Bonelli: Race Report

Still a little hard to believe that the season is already here!  So much for my new year’s resolution of updating my blog more frequently… Dusty and I arrived in California the day…  |  READ »

28 February 2011  |  Recipes

Perfect Pan-Seared Duck Breast

I think the reason some people don’t like duck is that it has been improperly cooked.  Nothing like a thick layer of fat under a soggy skin to make you rethink that duck…  |  READ »

22 February 2011  |  Recipes

Duck is Delicious

Or, I guess I could say, “ducks ARE delicious.”  Either way, the one we ate tonight was especially good.  Not just because I cooked it perfectly- rendering all the fat down until the…  |  READ »

The difference between regular and decaf coffee

16 February 2011  |  Misc


In case you didn’t know where decaf came from.

16 February 2011  |  Misc


Is pretty much all I’ve been up to lately. Of course the days that it’s the warmest typically coincide with my easy days, but isn’t that always how it is? Overall though, the…  |  READ »

30 January 2011  |  Misc

MTB? In January? In Colorado?

Yep, that’s what I was thinking.  But hey, I’ll take it!  The last few days have been so warm that I was tempted to think that we’d seen the worst of winter.  But…  |  READ »

27 January 2011  |  Veggies


Parsnips are delicious. If you haven’t ever tried them, you should (and don’t confuse them with turnips… which kind of suck). They look like white carrots and they are great in stir-frys, soups,…  |  READ »