10 September 2010  |  Recipes

Sweet and Spicy

It’s been good to be home, although this stomach thing is lingering a little longer than I had hoped.  Here are a couple tasty summer recipes combining the sweet and the spicy. Easy…  |  READ »

8 September 2010  |  Misc

Ups and Downs

Back home in Fort Collins after a month on the east coast.  Laundry in the machine, car is unpacked, and though there are probably a million ways I could keep procrastinating… I had…  |  READ »

5 August 2010  |  Recipes

Ginger-mint chicken

Ok, it sounds weird- but it passed the Dusty test.  And according to Dusty, leftovers are also delicious in sandwich form.  I really like yogurt marinades- they keep the meat super moist and…  |  READ »

5 August 2010  |  Recipes

Super Easy White Bean Salad

Easy, light, perfect summer side dish. White Bean Salad 1 can cannellini or other white beans, drained and rinsed juice of half a lemon 2 tbsp olive oil handful fresh parsley, chopped handful…  |  READ »

20 July 2010  |  Race Reports

Pro XCT Finals, Colorado Springs

Once again, a much-delayed race report… The Pro XCT finals was a UCI stage race which meant it had a slightly different format than the usual XC and short track.  There were 3…  |  READ »

Fresh veggies

20 July 2010  |  Food

Fresh veggies

Lots more stuff from the garden: beets and beet greens, carrots, new potatoes and yellow beans.

Baby lettuces

Mt. Morris Motel

19 June 2010  |  Recipes

Tandoori Chicken on the Grill

You can probably get away with marinating for a shorter time, but this sure was good (just don’t tell Dusty that I put cumin in it…): Marinade 1 cup plain yogurt 1 tbsp…  |  READ »

Microplane zester

19 June 2010  |  Food

Microplane Zester

One of the handiest gadgets I own.  I use this sucker all the time to zest citrus fruits and to grate fresh ginger (WAY faster than mincing!).  You can use it to grate…  |  READ »

No-bake apple tart

11 June 2010  |  Race Reports

Teva Mountain Games: Race Report

Last weekend Dusty and I headed up to Vail for the Teva Mountain Games.  The course was tough- lots of climbing and freshly-cut singletrack downhills made for not much recovery.  Nothing like racing…  |  READ »