11 June 2010  |  Gardening

House and Garden

This year, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time on my gardens (flower and vegetable) and things are slowly coming together. As you can see, my potatoes are going nuts!  I…  |  READ »

3 June 2010  |  Race Reports

US Pro XCT #3 Race Report

As I anticipated, race day was HOT.  I decided to forgo my usual warm-up on the trainer and headed out for an easy lap of the course instead.  Unfortunately, I took a wrong…  |  READ »

Blueberry tart with lemon curd and a goat cheese crust

3 June 2010  |  Recipes

More Tarts, Wendy!

Admittedly, all this food looked much better in real life… Blueberry tart with lemon curd and a goat cheese crust Ginger-cilantro farro Roasted beet and lentil salad with fresh basil Grilled veggies with…  |  READ »

28 May 2010  |  Misc

Texas is Hot

Ok, it’s hot.  I’m in Austin for the third round of the Pro XCT.  I rode a couple laps of the course today (in the absolute hottest part of the day, of course)…  |  READ »

26 May 2010  |  Recipes

For Wendy

Here is the tart recipe.  It comes together very quickly- making and blind-baking the tart crust takes the most time.  Not sure if you can buy a pre-baked shell, but that would save…  |  READ »

Finishing 2nd at the 2010 Offenburg World Cup

26 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cup #3: Offenburg, Germany

Before getting into the race report I need to write a little bit about the hotel we stayed in in Ortenburg (about 10k from the venue).  It was called Edy’s Hotel-Restaurant im Glattfelder (KinzigtalstraBe…  |  READ »

13 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cups #1 and #2

Once again, I am falling behind in my race reporting.  So now, since I really want to write about the delicious Thai food I cooked last night, I am forcing myself to catch…  |  READ »

Fresh rolls with peanut sauce

13 May 2010  |  Food, Recipes

Thai Food

Most of the time I’m cooking for 2, but there is only so much food that 2 people can eat, so I rarely get the opportunity to plan and create a real feast. …  |  READ »

5 May 2010  |  Race Reports

Sea Otter Smells like Maple Syrup

Seriously, something on the course smells like maple syrup.  It must be some kind of plant because there isn’t an IHOP for miles…. I always like racing at Sea Otter- despite all the craziness. The…  |  READ »

5 May 2010  |  Race Reports

World Cup #1: Sprint Eliminator

After Katerina and I got picked up from the Manchester airport, we had a 2 hour drive to Dalby Forest- the location of the first World Cup of the season.  We arrived, met up…  |  READ »

28 April 2010  |  Misc

South Africa- Pre-race

Before I started this trip, it seemed like we were going to have so much time here- arriving on Tuesday for a Saturday race.  And now it’s the day before the race and…  |  READ »


8 April 2010  |  Gardening


This year, I started my garden a little earlier (hopefully the 1/2 inch of snow we got the other day didn’t do any damage…). Last year, a lot of my vegetables were kind…  |  READ »

31 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana Short Track Race Report

I’m trying to be diligent about the race reports, but now that it’s been 3 days, I’m not sure I can remember what happened in the race… After a short warm-up, I rolled…  |  READ »

27 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana XC Race Report

For those that don’t feel like wasting their time reading this whole post, here is the synopsis: “a good shock to the system.” This is the first year I’ve taken so much time…  |  READ »

Back to the snow

20 March 2010  |  Misc

And again with the snow!

So after I got out for one ride on my mountain bike,  it was back to this.  We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday, and while it appears to be melting I…  |  READ »