Soapstone Prairie

18 July 2009  |  Misc

Soapstone Prairie = FUN

Dusty and I headed up to check out the new Soapstone Prairie Natural Area the other day.  It’s about 20 miles north of town and has around 50 miles of trails for hiking and…  |  READ »

17 July 2009  |  Misc

US National Championshps: Pre-race

So here I am in a condo in Granby, CO waiting for the race tomorrow.  I’ve been making up for my lack of TV at home by browsing such quality programming as: “Top…  |  READ »

Dusty on the track

14 July 2009  |  Misc

What Dusty has been up to

Since he is even worse than I am about updating his blog.  When he’s not working or eating breakfast at Lucile’s (his favorite breakfast spot), Dusty has been spending his time at the…  |  READ »

10 July 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race: Days 3-7

BC Bike Race Day 3 So after getting stuck behind some slower folks in the singletrack on Day 2, Ryan told me “you need to start faster.”  Then he listed off all the…  |  READ »

2009 BC Bike race

10 July 2009  |  Misc

BC Bike Race photos

Since I am terrible about remembering to take and post photos, I will take advantage of Katerina.  You can see her photos of the trip on the Luna Website. Waldek took this one of…  |  READ »

29 June 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race: Day 2

Whew! I’m already exhausted and it’s only Day 2… Today’s stage was pretty long ~70k, and a lot of it was singletrack. Tough singletrack too, the kind where you are constantly going over…  |  READ »

28 June 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race Day 1

Day 1 of BC Bike Race is in the books. It was pretty cool racing with a teammate (especially a really fast one…). I started things off right by not warming up enough…  |  READ »

27 June 2009  |  Race Reports

BC Bike Race Day 0

So here I am in Vancouver, and BC Bike Race starts tomorrow. Today we rode part of the Day 1 course, and there was some pretty gnarly stuff. There was a long climb…  |  READ »

26 June 2009  |  Recipes

The best chocolate chip cookies

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. I got back last night from a week in Ketchum, ID, and I leave for Vancouver this morning. But I thought since I’ve been so…  |  READ »

18 June 2009  |  Misc

Bobcat Ridge

Ben, Lea and I rode at Bobcat yesterday and it was in the best shape I’ve ever seen it!  The climb up the power line road wasn’t sandy at all, traction was great…  |  READ »

16 June 2009  |  Race Reports

US Cup #4: Colorado Springs

Raced at Teva Mtn Games in Vail two weekends ago.  Finished second to Katie in the cross country and third in the hill climb.  I got a little cough after Teva that I…  |  READ »


3 June 2009  |  Misc

Houffalize Photos

Just got these from Waldek.  They are mostly pictures from the little bakery we stopped at every morning on our way to the course.  Most delicious turnovers I’ve ever had in my life. …  |  READ »