10 February 2008  |  Misc

One of Those Rides…

Today was one of those rides where you keep looking down at your bike computer and saying “That’s it? That’s all the speed/watts/heart rate I can muster?” Some days you have the snap,…  |  READ »


9 February 2008  |  Misc

Always Take Two Tubes

Yes, that is my sage advice for today. Always take two tubes. And your cell phone. Today’s ride started out really well- it was pretty warm out, and I was feeling good. About…  |  READ »

8 February 2008  |  Misc

The LFD Ride

Ahhh, the LFD ride, my favorite. I haven’t really written much about the specifics of my training plan (don’t want to get too boring), but I think that Ben has a really great…  |  READ »

8 February 2008  |  Misc

Easy Day Today

Yesterday’s ride was pretty brutal, so instead of battling the wind today Ben and I went for a run on Blue Sky. There was still quite a bit of snow, but it’s going…  |  READ »


7 February 2008  |  Misc

Bitter Freezing Cold

Yes, that’s right. It was most certainly not the 40 degrees that “Accuweather” was predicting. The ride started out alright, and we headed up Rist Canyon at a pretty good clip. There was…  |  READ »

6 February 2008  |  Misc

Not the Rollers

It was cold this morning, but I was going to ride outside no matter what- I just didn’t have the motivation to sit on the rollers today. By the time I got out…  |  READ »

5 February 2008  |  Misc

Sun…at least

At least the sun was out today- even if it was pretty darn cold. There is still some snow, but it’s supposed to warm up, so that’s good. Went for a nice easy…  |  READ »

4 February 2008  |  Misc


Ben has brought it to my attention that I have jinxed Fort Collins weather by writing all about how nice it has been and how clear the trails are. So, to everyone who…  |  READ »

3 February 2008  |  Misc

Beat Down

Yes, I am officially completely beat down. After a hard brick of training I am certainly looking forward to a couple of easy days. We had a really nice ride today. Ben and…  |  READ »

Back in the saddle

1 February 2008  |  Misc

Back in The Saddle

The MTB saddle, that is. Today we rode down to Bobcat Ridge. It was so nice to be on the dirt! The trails were almost all clear and dry (thanks Jeff for giving…  |  READ »

30 January 2008  |  Misc

Not Snowing…Yet

I woke up this morning to no snow which was a pleasant surprise- I was expecting 3 inches and a day full of riding rollers and running. Instead, Ben and I got out…  |  READ »

29 January 2008  |  Misc


Today I am sore, and I have only BEN to blame (hahaha). I did some lunges and some jumps yesterday after my run and I sure am feeling it today- I am experiencing…  |  READ »

28 January 2008  |  Misc

Another Day

I’m trying to get in a routine of posting, so even though I didn’t have a very interesting day you, my friend, are going to hear all about it. Just kidding. It was…  |  READ »

Racing the Tuesday night "dirt derby"

27 January 2008  |  Misc


Yes, I have been a slacker, but I am remedying the situation. As of today, I am back online! No, I haven’t been hiding in a closet (although if the closet was 65…  |  READ »

13 December 2007  |  Misc

Equal Pay!

Hi Everyone — I am writing a petition to the UCI for equal prize money for the top-5 men and women in UCI. Please sign it, and spread the word! I also have a…  |  READ »