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Posts in March 2010

31 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana Short Track Race Report

I’m trying to be diligent about the race reports, but now that it’s been 3 days, I’m not sure I can remember what happened in the race… After a short warm-up, I rolled…  |  READ »

27 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Fontana XC Race Report

For those that don’t feel like wasting their time reading this whole post, here is the synopsis: “a good shock to the system.” This is the first year I’ve taken so much time…  |  READ »

Back to the snow

20 March 2010  |  Misc

And again with the snow!

So after I got out for one ride on my mountain bike,  it was back to this.  We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday, and while it appears to be melting I…  |  READ »

18 March 2010  |  Misc

Riding Mountain Bikes is Fun!

Very original blog post here… Really though, finally got a chance to get out on the MTB (this year we’ve had an especially winter-y winter, and the trails took forever to dry out)…  |  READ »


15 March 2010  |  Food

Verjus: try it, you’ll like it!

I first came across verjus (ver-joo) in cooking school, and I was immediately sold on its tangy goodness.  I have since tracked it down and bought some of my very own with the…  |  READ »

Salt and pepper bread

15 March 2010  |  Food

Some Recent Testing

Recipe testing, of course. Salt and pepper bread.  Ok, it sounds a little weird, but it was tasty.  I just put cracked black pepper inside and some fancy flaky sea salt on top-…  |  READ »

14 March 2010  |  Misc

On Running

So, much like in years past I’ve been running a few days a week throughout the fall/winter.  I know there are a lot of people who think that running is incompatible with cycling…  |  READ »

10 March 2010  |  Links

Ever think of vacationing in North Korea?

Ok, neither had I.  Luckily, the guys from VBS.tv went for us.  Check out this video that documents their guided “tour.”  It is only the first part but the other two parts are on…  |  READ »

6 March 2010  |  Recipes

Sausage, fennel & white bean ragout

Quick! Easy! Delicious! When you are (almost) too tired to cook.  For a veggie version, I think eggplant would be a great substitution for sausage Sausage, Fennel and White Bean Ragout 1 small bulb…  |  READ »

6 March 2010  |  Misc


The weather has been fantastic here (for the most part.)  And I have been enjoying getting out on the bike.  It’s been hard going, but I’ve been training for a couple weeks now,…  |  READ »


6 March 2010  |  Food

From the kitchen

Anadama bread.  Delicious, with hints of molasses and corn bread.  Very simple modification of the no-knead bread recipe. Cream puffs, pre-filling Cream puffs again. And a not-so flattering picture of the finished product….  |  READ »